"SAIVER 升华"- 空调处理机组/风机盘管/直流變頻微型吊頂空調機組  "WELAIRE 伟利亚" –通风扇/过滤器  "GEOCLIMA" - 磁浮冷水机组 
"PANASONIC 乐声牌" - FSV/FSMulti 多联分体式冷气机  "COMEFRI” - 离心式风扇  "SPC” – 热交换器 
"FCR" - 空气过滤器  "DUALSUN" Hybrid Solar Panel  "TATSUTA” – 漏水探测系统 
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(日本) 漏水深測系統
Tatsuta’s Water Leakage Detection System protects facilities such as computer rooms, electrical rooms, critical document rooms, apartment and condominium buildings, from water leaks and flooding accidents. We also offer display equipment that indicates water leak locations, as well as special-application chemical stress sensors and heat-resistance sensors.
Detector for total disaster prevention monitoring systems
Featuring a non-voltage output terminal, this equipment can be controlled centrally, e.g. from a central monitoring room.
Large areas can be monitored with a single sensor
This line type sensor does not fail to detect any water leak at all points on its full length while remaining free from malfunction due to humidity. The sensor can also detect pure water, acid and alkaline solutions.
Sensor detects wire disconnections.
Any disconnection of the sensor is detected immediately, activating lamp and buzzer alarms. * Except for the AD-AS-1CM
Installation is easy and safe, and the product is user-friendly
The sensor is in a low power circuit operating at a maximum of 5.5 VAC, which means it is very safe. The sensor is highly flexible, making it easy to handle and to use.
Detecting water leak locations (Leak location detecting model)
The detector had a digital display that indicates water leak locations detected by the sensor in meters. It can also output data on leak positions.
A versatile lineup of sensors
We offer a variety of sensors including:
1) A coloration model that turns red to indicate water absorption spots.
2) A coloration model that regains its original color when dried.
3) A highly durable chemical resistant model
4) A heat-resistant model, and more, to meet the needs of every customer.

Designed for a single detection circuit, the detector unit indicates any water leak or disconnection with LED lamp and buzzer alarm. (A non-voltage output terminal is available as well).
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