"SAIVER 升华"- 空调处理机组/风机盘管/直流變頻微型吊頂空調機組  "WELAIRE 伟利亚" –通风扇/过滤器  "GEOCLIMA" - 磁浮冷水机组 
"PANASONIC 乐声牌" - FSV/FSMulti 多联分体式冷气机  "COMEFRI” - 离心式风扇  "SPC” – 热交换器 
"FCR" - 空气过滤器  "DUALSUN" Hybrid Solar Panel  "TATSUTA” – 漏水探测系统 
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Circlemiser chillers are equipped with cascade flooded evaporators, which lead to the reduction of the ΔT between evaporation temperature and outlet temperature of the fluid.

The cascade arrangement of the evaporators increases the evaporation temperature and, at the same time, reduces energy consumption. Using this type of evaporator Geoclima has been able to further increase efficiency across the range of the Turbomiser air cooled chillers.
Comparing the Circlemiser with traditional air cooled Turbomiser chillers, at the same AHRI/EUROVENT conditions and same size (with the same number of compressors, same model of compressors, same capacity), Circlemiser records an increase in EER up to +9.5% (with one compressor units) and up to +15% (with multi-compressor units), with the highest achievable value of EER 4.35 (kW/kW) and 14.84 (Btu/Wh).

From the comparison of Circlemiser with Turbomiser with Evaporative System, with a relative humidity of 50%, the efficiency ensured by Circlemiser is equivalent to the efficiency achievable with the Evaporative System, without costs and installation and maintenance conditions that come from the use of water for the evaporative system. Circlemiser represents therefore a valid alternative to the adiabatic units in those cases in which adiabatic configuration is not applicable.

The new Circlemiser series is available for air cooled Turbomiser units, both with R134a, and with HFO-1234ze refrigerants.

Customization Design

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