Integrated AHU with EC technology changes the definition of high efficiency.

Recently, we completed another Hong Kong project with 31 sets integrated AHU. SAIVER Integrated AHU integrates filter, cooling coil, fan, valve, gauges and control panel into one ready-for-connection air handling unit. This compact unit can save installation space.

The unique of this project is EC fans.
EC fans can achieve over 90% efficiency which is higher than IE4 energy class. On the other hand, traditional AC motor can achieve IE2 or IE3. High efficiency means better power utilization, less heat loss and longer life.

EC fans can provide stepless speed control. On-demand speed control saves energy. Comparing with traditional fans and motors with variable speed drives, EC fans can partly save the cost of variable speed drives.
In addition, EC fans integrate control module and motor into one body. Therefore, the EC fans can achieve space saving. They are ready for plug and play. The testing and commissioning is also simple.