SAIVER AHU with Heat Recovery Heatpipe – No Energy Input Requirement!

We recently supplied one AHU with energy recovery heatpipe for one Hong Kong public hospital.

Heatpipe is a passive energy transfer device for sensible heat. No energy input is required for energy transfer. Besides, supply air and exhaust air are totally separated and results no cross-contamination.
Heatpipe is a sealed tube (usually copper) is evacuated and charged with working fluid such as R134A. Heat is absorbed from the incoming warm air stream in the evaporator section, boiling the working fluid. Due to it's elevated vapour pressure, the vapour moves rapidly to the cooler condenser section of the heatpipe, carrying with it the absorbed heat. As the vapour reaches the condensing area of the heatpipe, heat is released to the cooler air and the vapour condenses.
The liquid returns by gravity to complete the cycle. The entire heat transfer process occurs with a very small temperature difference along the pipe.

Actually, SAIVER AHU is always the first choice in Hong Kong hospital sector due to its value for money, flexible design, quick delivery, etc.

To ensure the supply air can meet the cleanliness requirement, the AHU is designed with

1. Smooth internal to minimize the dust accumulation

2. Belt and motor for supply fan is externally mounted. It avoids the belt dusts entering the air stream.

3. High efficiency filter is installed after the fan. In this area, the pressure is positive. It avoids the infiltration of unfiltered air.