Cool in Summer , Warm in Winter

There are two types of cooling coils. One uses chilled water and another one is refrigerant.

Refrigerant cooling system requires on-off operation to modulate output. If there is only one compressor, no modulating is allowed. With multiple compressors, 2 or 3 stages of cooling can be achieved. However, due to protection devices, system response time towards load change is slow. Sometimes, the system cannot start immediately. Sometimes, the system cannot stop immediately. It results the room too hot or too cold. It happens frequently in spring or autumn. If the system can respond the change of room load, it may result frequently start and stop towards compressor. And frequent start and stop of compressors may affect the life of the system.

SAIVER AHU can provide refrigerant cooling system using inverter compressors and electronic expansion valve, which is commonly called variable refrigerant flow (VRF).
VRF can precisely modulate the output in wide operating range.
VRF have many features, such as high efficiency, energy saving, easy installation, easy control, etc.

VRF can modulare the output of compressor to match with the room load. It results better comfort and reduce the loss due to frequent compressor start and stop.