"SAIVER" - AHU/FCU/Mini AHU "WELAIRE" - HEPA Filter Unit/Ventilating Fan/Air Filtration Product "GEOCLIMA" - Oil Free Chiller
"PANASONIC" - FSV/FSMulti "COMEFRI" - Centrifugal Fan "SPC" - Heat Pipe
"FCR" - Air Filtration Product "DUALSUN" Hybrid Solar Panel "TATSUTA" - Water Leakage Detector
Regin Controls provides a comprehensive range of tailor-made services to help you manage energy and control costs within your commercial property. Our expert team of engineers have an unrivalled depth of knowledge in all aspects of building services and controls engineering, enabling us to offer an effective end-to-end service. As specialist building management system (BMS) consulting engineers, we create truly bespoke BMS and integration services – from project design, installation and commissioning, right through to ongoing support and maintenance.
Systems Software
Our way to flexibility and our powerful systems for simple programming and comprehensive building overview.

- The hub of our system creation
- Simple and quick environment for system construction
- A large library of customizable templates, objects and function
- Dynamic licensing system - easy to grow into
- IoT and Cloud solutions
- Intuitive
- Future proof technology
EXOcompact Controller
The EXOcompact controllers are perfect for applications, e.g. zone control, control of heating and air handling units, as well as for system integration or as stand-alone units. They have a powerful processor and are available in two size with 15 or 28 I/Os, with or without display.

Programming takes place in EXOdesigner. The controllers communicate via EXOline or Modbus via RS485. M-Bus is also available as an option. EXOcompact is available with one, two or three communication ports, enabling easy input/output expansion, connection of electricity/energy meters or communication with other controllers.

- Freely programmable with fixed I/O confuguration
- For control of heating centrals, air handling units etc.
- I5 or 28 I/Os, with or without display
- Digital output via Mosfet with 2A, 24V AC/DC
- Powerful processor
- Optional DC supply voltage
- Possible to expand the number of I/Os using two ports and expansion units based on EXOcompact without display
- One, two or three communication ports
- Programming is performed in EXOdesigner
- TCP/IP optional
- Communicaion via RS485 (EXOline or Modbus), M-Bus (inrernally for M-3 models or via external X1176 unit)
- Complement to EXOclever / EXOflex in large automation system
ED-T7. External 7 inch toych display for EXOcompact
ED-T77 is a touch screen display and configuration unit intended for connection to a controller.
Panel Computer
Panel computers intended for mounting in, for example, a cabinet door. They can Easily be connected to REIGN's EXOscada system and to controllers with integrated web server.