"SAIVER" - AHU/FCU/Mini AHU "WELAIRE" - Ventilating Fan/Air Filtration Product "GEOCLIMA" - Oil Free Chiller
"PANASONIC" - FSV/FSMulti "COMEFRI" - Centrifugal Fan "SPC" - Heat Pipe
"FCR" - Air Filtration Product "DUALSUN" Hybrid Solar Panel "TATSUTA" - Water Leakage Detector
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Metal Construction Ceiling Mounted Ventilating Fan
Two models:
- RC115, air volume: 240 CMH
- RC215, air volume: 288 CMH

- Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, classrooms, offices, etc...
- Ceiling mounted duct type design
- High efficiency centrifugal fan wheel for quiet operation.
- Full metal construction.
- The long life motor designed for continuous operation.
- Motor fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection.(S.T.O.P.).
- Various louver colour and design are available (minimum order quantity is required).
Mini Sirocco Fan
- 7 models
- air volume range from 150 ~ 1100 CMH.
- Compact size is suitable for various applications.
- Coated metal casing provides stronger corrosion resistance.
- Durable alloy centrifugal fan design gives larger air volume but quiet operation.
- Self-lubricating motors for endurance duty.
- Design for easy installation.

For more details, please kindly contact Mr Allen Wong at (852) 2806 8316
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