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First World HFO Chiller
Introducing the first World HFO chiller from Geoclima for Waitrose application

Waitrose, the famous English supermarket chain, trials first Geoclima chiller using the new HFO refrigerants at its supermarket in Bromley, Kent. The chiller using HFO-1234ze refrigerant is running more efficiently than the hydrocarbon version that is currently Waitrose’s favored technology.
The system uses two 180kW chillers with Frascold semi-hermetic compressors providing chilled water as a condensing medium for the in-store integral cases running on R290. The trial, which Waitrose describes as “an energy assessment in a working store”, comprises two air-cooled 180kW machines, which provide chilled water as a condensing medium for the in-store integral cases, which use R1270 propane as refrigerant. Initial comparisons with a same-size store in Canterbury running identical systems, but using R290 propane, show a 22% reduction in energy consumption.
Introducing the first World HFO chiller from Geoclima for Waitrose application

Honeywell HFO-1234ze blowing agent is the Honeywell trade name for trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, Honeywell’s new low global warming potential (GWP), fourth generation blowing agent and propellant. The low GWP molecule is the first hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) to be commercialized into these industries. This molecule has low environmental impact, as measured by its ultra-low global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). Honeywell HFO-1234ze blowing agent is fully compliant with the EU F-Gas regulation. As a gas material at room temperature, this molecule had diverse applications including as a blowing agent for polyurethanes, polystyrene and other polymers; as well as an aerosol propellant.
HFO-1234ze refrigerant
A solution to replace the HFCs
Like the HFDs, that these new refrigerant are intended to replace, these HFOs offer excellent performance, efficiency, serviceability and safety, but with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint that will permit to use it instead of natural refrigerants, avoiding also flammability risks. Waitrose plans are to adopt the HFO solution as part: of its refrigeration platform for future stores, along with the continued use of hydrocarbons and tri-generation energy centres where appropriate. Jim Burnett of Waitrose said: “we believe the HFO solution shows great promise, as it combines good efficiency with very low global warming potential. This is obviously a highly desirable profile in a refrigerant. If the ongoing monitoring of energy continues to prove successful, we plan to include HFO-based chillers in our choice of refrigeration platforms for stores in the future”. Waitrose’s Cooling Industry Award-winning refrigeration platform is currently founded on hydrocarbons, using water as the cooling medium in store and recovering and redistributing waste beat into the store. The team behind the HFO chiller also worked on a number of the retailer’s hydrocarbon chillers, so they are familiar with the challenges.
Main Power Absorbtion
HFO-1234ze VS R134a
Tests carried out by Frascold with its eight-cylinder reciprocating compressors A40168Y running on HFO R1234ze indicate a loss of capacity of around 24% compared with R134a across various application conditions. However, mean power absorbed is almost 5% less, giving an overall COP actually better than R134a across a range of applications and conditions. Frascold’s research and development team believe that performance with HFOs can be significantly improved with further optimization.
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